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Help / FAQ

Is your artwork hand drawn?:  YES, I hand draw my original artwork in pencil (graphite) and I hand draw all personalizations in pencil and archival inks.  Here is a video of me drawing my "The Dream Begins Here" artwork: 

What are your SHIPPING COSTS?: Shipping costs DO NOT increase when you add more artwork to your cart.  It is one price regardless of how many pieces of art you order.  Standard shipping costs are $15 (7 to 10 business days) anywhere in Canada or the USA.  Delivery dates for Standard shipping are noted for you during November and December, for assurance you will receive your package before Christmas.  Expedited shipping costs are $24.50 (3 to 4 business days) anywhere in Canada or the USA.  Personalized artwork takes longer to ship due to drawing time required and the quantity of requests I receive (Normally 6 to 8 weeks with more accurate shipping dates noted during Christmas time) and is $12 to $20 depending on the time of year).

How are your prints packaged?: My prints are packaged flat in fitted, clear, plastic sleeves with 1/4" foamcore backing.  This packaging makes it possible for you to enjoy and display the print immediately upon opening the box.  

My print was damaged during shipping.  What will you do?: Once in a while, the couriers damage prints in transport.  If this happens, please take a photo of the damaged print and e-mail that photo to me at  I will immediately send you a new print.  Please destroy the damaged print (so I can re-use that print number).  Do not send it back to me. 

Are your prints framed?  Can you frame it for me?: My prints are unframed, but packaged flat in fitted, clear, plastic sleeves with 1/4" foamcore backing.  This packaging makes it possible for you to enjoy and display the print immediately upon opening the box.  I am not equipped to do my own framing, but if you would like your print framed, there are many galleries that would be happy to frame it for you.  I would be happy to send you a list on request.  Please feel free to e-mail me at

Are your prints signed/autographed by you?:  Yes, all of my prints have my signature (autograph) in the bottom right corner.  Prints marked as Limited Edition, have been individually signed and numbered by me in the bottom left area.

What does LIMITED Edition mean?: Prints marked as Limited Edition are prints that have been printed in limited quantities (eg only 909) and will not be printed again once this quantity is sold out.  This adds value to your print which will increase with time.  If you own one of my Limited Edition prints, look for my personal signature in the lower left area along with your unique number over the total quantity number (eg. 100/909).  My Limited Edition prints are always numbered out of a number that has significance to the sport or team represented in the artwork.  This significance will be explained in the biography/artwork description sheet included with every print. 

What does OPEN Edition mean?: In contrast to Limited Edition prints, prints marked as Open Edition are prints that have no restriction on the quantity printed (eg. they will never be sold out) and are not personally signed or numbered by me.  They do however, still bear my original signature in the lower right corner.

CAN YOU DRAW ME into your artwork?  Can you change a player, change a jersey number, add a player or add a jersey number to your artwork for me?:  All of my artwork is based on photos of REAL fans (i.e. I look at photos of real fans and use those photos as reference when I draw each piece of art), so you can definitely submit your photo to be considered for use in future pieces of art.  Please contact me at if you would like to be featured in one of my future pieces of art.  For artwork that I have already completed, it is possible to add custom people for an additional charge (ie. your family).  If you do not see a personalization option for the artwork you would like personalized, please e-mail me at with your request.



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