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Kory Sheets Autographed “The 13th Man” Artist Proof

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This drawing was inspired by the Saskatchewan Roughriders 2013 Grey Cup Championship and their proud fanbase, Rider Nation; also known as The 13th Man. The 2013 Saskatchewan Roughriders were a team built to win. Although stacked with elite, talented players, it was the way they played as a team that made them virtually unstoppable. From the moment they ignored individual player introductions and stormed onto Taylor Field in Mosaic Stadium as a unit, it was apparent they were not going home without the Grey Cup. The 2013 Grey Cup Championship was not won on a single play or by a single player. It was a full team effort and this artwork pays tribute to the whole team, represented by 12 players in action from the Grey Cup game. The 13th Man was also intrical to the success of this team and is represented by 213 cheering fans (in reference to the year 2013). Each of these members of Rider Nation is a real Rider fan who submitted their photo for inclusion in the artwork. If you look closely, you will find two lonely and disappointed Tigercat fans in the crowd. These two Canadian celebrities were at the game, cheering for the wrong team; although one of them was quick to change his allegiance when caught on camera. Jeremy hopes this artwork has captured the emotion felt during Saskatchewan's first Grey Cup win on home turf and helps you reminisce for years to come! 

These 16"x20" Artist Proofs are individually signed and numbered out of only 101 and autographed by Kory Sheets.

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