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The "Unshakable Belief" Project (Original Fan Drawing PLUS two 12"x16" prints for each fan)

  • 9999 CAD

My goal is to draw an average of two cheering Oilers fans every day for the next year! 

Each fan will receive the original drawing of themselves (ie the hand-drawn original pencil drawing of you and/or your family cheering ( front view)) as well as a 12”x16” print of my "Play La Bamba Baby" Oilers' Game Day piece AND a 12"x16" print of the future Cup Celebration piece, "Unshakable Belief".

Here is how this works:

(1) Purchase a drawing of you and any friends and family you would like to be cheering next to you.  Pricing below is for each person you'd like me to draw.

(2) Send me a photo or photos of you and your fellow fans cheering while wearing your Oilers' gear.  The more excited you look, the more fun the result will be!  Please send your fan photo(s) to me at

(3) I will hand draw you and your fellow fans together in pencil and send you that original drawing.  Before sending it to you, I will scan it and keep the digital file for use in my future "Unshakable Belief" artwork. (see #5 below).

(4) Once I complete "Play La Bamba Baby" (before this Christmas), I will send you a 12"x16" print of that (one print for each fan you asked me to draw).  If you'd also like to be in this piece of artwork, you can send me another photo that shows you walking away from the camera (as if you are on your way to the game).  I've created a photo reference for this artwork that you can see on this page.  The generic fans will be replaced by real fans when I draw it.  I've also attached my Boston Bruins piece so you can see an example of a finished piece I have already drawn.

(5) When the Unshakable Belief pays off and the Oilers' win, I will use all the scans of my drawings of cheering fans to create a background on which I will draw the whole Oilers' team celebrating with the Cup!  Once that piece of artwork is completed, I will send you a 12"x16" print of it as well (one for each person you asked me to draw initially).  I have attached an image of a Roughriders' fan piece I drew, so you can see the quality you can expect in the completed artwork

So, for $99.99, you receive an original drawing of you and your fellow fans, PLUS two Oilers' artwork prints (2 prints for each person you ask me to draw)!  

Please send your fan photo(s) to me at

Please let me know if you have any questions.  If you'd like to upgrade print sizes that is also an option.

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